Our Lady of Chastisement raises prices on its patron saint vending machine while Aunt Feminina Boots laments that personal care has become everybody’s beeswax.

6 responses to “PATRON SAINT OF WAX

  1. aunt feminina, you have made me “LOL”, and i don’t LOL often…

    but i did get caught in a do-loop about half way. in my head. nothing wrong with your video…

    so if getting bit by a vampire turns you into a vampire, then what would happen if getting stung by a bee turned you into a bee?


  2. In your case daisyfae, your honeypot would just get sweeter


  3. In case you didn’t know, I have a history with bees and was the inventor of the Brazilian wax.


  4. you never fail to to entertain


  5. How bee-YOU-tiful u are!


  6. Most truth laid down in one post EVER. I also despise vampires, btw.


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