Aunt Feminina Boots encounters the extremes of our market economy when she retreats to the public library after a smoothie explosion.

9 responses to “AYN RAND

  1. Ha, altruism deflates objectivism once again.


  2. This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. Just brilliant.


  3. thesoulfulveteran

    That was quite a day or was it a morning. If it was just the morning, what happened for the rest of the day? From smoothies blowing up to libertarians and the homeless. I’m going to have to check back and see what happens next.


  4. Atlas Shrugged took me months to read…it was worth it even though I am not an atheist.

    I love Nachos Bellgrande. Will you show up at a library near me?


  5. The Bicycle Path to Serfdom

    I would have loved advice from an aunt like you while I was navigating the “Ebay-fencing-the-lost-and-found” phase of my now-distant youth.

    This site is delightful, thank you Ms. Boots!


  6. Pure genius! You made my day.


  7. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Please create some more of these. I’m a big fan.


  8. Don’t you love how the folks who don’t want to be taxed always gather in places that are funded by taxes. And be careful with those blenders.


  9. I love homeless George who has sworn off money and who comes in the library now and then only to update his blog. This is wholly delightful.


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