Feminina Boots

femb2IS originally from Taylorham, Illinois–which is apparently so small and inconsequential that WordPress.com does not recognize it even though Taylorhamians share a lead-contamination-removal water treatment facility with Paducah, Kentucky.  She has a twin brother. (They were conjoined twins, attached–until Thanksgiving 1980– by a small web of skin at the elbow, which is why Feminina does not wear short sleeves.) Feminina Boots has been experiencing a lot of difficulty lately trying to find a book club where she can say things that aren’t just going to upset people.  In her spare time she tries to offer some direction to her teenage niece, Fanta.


7 responses to “Feminina Boots

  1. Go for it Girl, you are doing great!


  2. Tennessee Robin

    That nice southern accent must have leaked across the river from Paducah.


  3. Keep posting. This blog is really funny.


  4. ^ right. true what Kurt said


  5. so very glad you stopped by my trailer park. i suspect much of my friday night shall be spent in your archives. that’s not a euphemism, by the way.


  6. Believe it or not, my Hooterville is not that far from your nearby Paduach. I’ve been there many times.


  7. It’s been a long time, but I too visited Paducah several times when growing up. I think the last time was in 1972, when I crossed the river with my wisdom teeth and came back without them.


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